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The Snow Queen / November 2018

This Christmas, I will be playing Neve in an immersive version of The Snow Queen, directed by Emma Williams. This walkabout performance is at Blackfriars Priory in Gloucester and is being produced by Strike a Light.
The Snow Queen
Move. Create. Play Move. Create. Play / October 2018

As a member of Move. Create. Play. I have been collaborating with various Bristol based Physical Theatre Practitioners. Founded by Performance Artist and Trainee Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Fiona Anderson - this community is a space to explore and develop work with like-minded people.
Mixed Aerial at Circomedia / September 2018

I have started training at Circomedia in trapeze, rope, silks and hoop. Led by Aerial and Physical Theatre Performer, Maddie McGowan, I hope to continue to develop my circus skills.

Charmane Charmane / September 2018

I am currently working with Raised Eyebrows Theatre on their new family show Charmane playing the character of the Fox. Supported by Arts Council England, Strike a Light, GL4 and Battersea Arts Centre, this show will subvert society’s gender norms using puppetry, story-telling and song.
The Actors’ Workshop / May 2018

At the tender age of 13, I started my theatre-making journey with The Actors’ Workshop in Bristol. 10 years later, I am returning as a teacher and directing a piece from The Glove Thief by Beth Flintoff in the Junior Showcase. Working with this group of young people has been really inspiring to me and it’s great to be back!
The Glove Thief
Drag Project R and D Drag Project R and D / April 2018

Working as a Director, I have been researching and developing a piece of theatre, alongside Performer Nathan Richards, Writer Faye Winne and Musical Director Jack Morrison, exploring the tales of an immortal drag queen.
Colour Project R and D / April 2018

With the support of Gathering Voices I am currently researching and developing my own work as a writer and director. Over the course of 3 days, I am working with 10 wonderful artists to explore this physical theatre piece – this is an amazing opportunity for me as a theatre maker. Watch this space…
Colour Project
Out of your Mind Festival Out of your Mind Festival / March 2018

I am currently in rehearsal for a show called Hungry which will be performed at The Egg as part of Bath Theatre Royal’s New Writing Festival Out of your Mind. Directed by Stephanie Kempson, this piece explores the relationship between young people and adults.
Sharp Teeth / January 2018

I have been working with Director Stephanie Kempson and a brilliant group of artists on a piece called Merely Existing which will be performed at The Wardrobe Theatre at one of their monthly Sharp Teeth events.
Sharp Teeth
People, Places & Things People, Places & Things / October 2017

I am currently in Headlong’s UK Tour of People, Places & Things, playing a figment of Emma’s of imagination – a double of herself! I am at Bath Theatre Royal, Bristol Old Vic and Exeter Northcott Theatre.

 More Information 
Physical Theatre / July 2017

I am currently working on a devised piece with Up the Ante Theatre Company. Subject to funding, this physical theatre show will be doing a tour during September and October. The performance explores the idea of “who we are and why are we here”.
Physical Theatre
Ferment Fortnight Robinson: The Other Island / July 2017

I am involved with Give It a Name Theatre Company’s production of Robinson: The Other Island, acting as part of the “Book Club”, it is being performed at The Arnolfini for The Bristol Old Vic’s Ferment Fortnight.
The Tempest / April 2017

Following the success of the last performance, I will be performing The Tempest with Hammerpuzzle Theatre Company in The Bristol Shakespeare Festival. As a site specific piece, there will be performances at Windmill Hill City Farm and Arnos Vale Cemetery.
The Tempest
The Tempest Junior Show The Tempest / April 2017

I am performing a one-off interactive storytelling version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest for early years at The Main Place at Coleford Library in Gloucestershire. Directed by Elizabeth Cummins of Hammerpuzzle Theatre Company, I will be playing Prospero, Ferdinand, Ariel and Trinculo.
In the Net / March 2017

I am currently on tour with Alter Ego Creative Solutions with their production of In the Net where I play Dotty, a 7 year old girl who gets sucked into the internet when she is not being safe online. The tour will be in the South of the UK during March, April and May.
In the Net
The Tale Trail to the Snow Queen The Tale Trail to the Snow Queen / December 2016

I am currently in The Tale Trail to the Snow Queen at The New Vic Theatre in Newcastle-under-Lyme, directed by Bryn Holding. I am playing Summer, Crow, The Clever Princess, Robber Girl and The Snow Queen. For more information click  here .
Happy Hour -
Tmesis Theatre Company
/ September 2016

I recently spent a week with Tmesis Theatre Company, observing and working with them on their newest production of Happy Hour. I had an amazing experience with this fantastic company and also had the privilege of writing a blog about my time with them.
Sophie and Paul McCartney at her LIPA Graduation LIPA BA (Hons) Acting / July 2016

I have completed my 3 years of Acting training at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) with a First Class Honours Degree.

It's been a fantastic experience and I have learnt so much.

I have now entered the world of work. #LIPAactors2016
Physical Fest / May 2016

During May, I had the exciting opportunity of working at Physical Fest in Liverpool. It is an annual International Festival hosted by  Tmesis Theatre  company. Over 2 weeks, I took part in workshops, street theatre day and watched many inspiring performances.
Physical Fest
Song Raids and Sound Baths - Electra / May 2016

I will be playing the title role in an adaptation of the Greek Myth Electra, as part of a short play festival in Liverpool in May. Written by Hailey Mashburn and directed by Rhonwen Cash, this will be a modern take on this old tale.
Carleton Hobbs -
2 Commendations
/ March 2016

In the BBC Carleton Hobbs Bursary Awards 2016 I have received 2 Commendations. I was a awarded a Special Commendation for "excellent prose sight-reading" for Queen Victoria’s Letter, and for my "outstanding duologue" with Jodie Micciche for The Girls’ Guide To Saving The World.
Carleton Hobbs -
Carleton Hobbs Carleton Hobbs Bursary Award / March 2016

I have been selected to represent LIPA in the BBC Radio Carleton Hobbs Bursary award scheme. This is the opportunity to audition for a 5 month contract with BBC Radio and I am honoured to be able to have this experience.
Who's Afraid Of The Working Class
/ March 2016

In a review of Who's Afraid Of The Working Class North West End said "Another cast member who made me leave with a good impression was Sophie Cottle playing Suzie. Not just within her characterisation, but when being part of ensemble movements and particularly the opening of the show when her focus was outstanding".  Read Full Review 
Who's Afraid Of The Working Class
Who's Afraid Of The Working Class REVIEW
Who's Afraid Of The Working Class
/ March 2016

In a review of Who's Afraid Of The Working Class Liverpool Sound and Vision said "There are some very stylised pieces in this show that is choreographed very nicely by Sophie Cottle and also incorporated into these snippets of movement is the set itself".
 Read Full Review 
Who's Afraid Of The Working Class / March 2016

I will be playing Suzie in a new piece of writing, Who's Afraid Of The Working Class written by Liverpool playwright Luke Barnes, at the Unity Theatre at the beginning of March. Directed by Will Hammond, I will also be the movement director for this exciting project.
 Unity Theatre Liverpool 
Who's Afraid Of The Working Class
Eigengrau Eigengrau / TBC 2016

I will be playing Rose in Penelope Skinner's Eigengrau directed by Annabelle Terry. The word Eigengrau means "the colour seen by the eye in perfect darkness". This play explores love, filling the void and what it is like to be living in modern day London.
Manchester Showcase / January 2016

I will be performing in LIPA’s 2016 Graduating Actor’s Showcase in the Royal Exchange Theatre Studio, Manchester, on 27 January 2016 at 13.00.
Royal Exchange Theatre
Soho Theatre London London Showcase / January 2016

I will be performing in LIPA’s 2016 Graduating Actor’s Showcase in the Soho Theatre, London, on 21st January 2016 at 13.00.
13 -
/ November 2015

The Reviews Hub is the largest, most prolific arts portal in the UK. In a review of 13 they said "Rachel – a charity phone chugger is played with assurance from Sophie Cottle".
Sophie in 13
13 / November 2015

I will be playing Rachel in Mike Bartlett’s 13, directed by Adam Penford. With coincidences, omens and visions colliding with the political reality of the UK, this play is an exciting task for myself and the rest of the cast.
Showreel / October 2015

LIPA has given me the fantastic opportunity of working with a professional production crew, in order to film a scene for my showreel. During this process, not only with I be in front of the camera, I will be helping with my peers shoots also. From being a runner to a first AD, this experience will be invaluable for learning all sides of a professional shoot.
Sophie in Celebration by Pinter Celebration / May 2015

I will be playing the role of Suki in Harold Pinter’s Celebration, directed by Gari Jones. This is part of a one act play festival at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, in the Sennheiser Studio.
Henry V / March 2015

I am playing a number of roles in a stripped-back, all female version of Shakespeare’s Henry V. Playing French Princess Katherine, Irish Captain MacMorris and the regal Bedford is going to be an interesting contrast. Directed by Judith McSpadden, there will be a chance for some playful ensemble work and martial arts!
Sophie in Henry V
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